Basics in Photography

How many times you have clicked photos and realized that the photos are not as impactful as you have seen in your networked friends. Following are my four tips which are very basic in nature if practised diligently will get your photo more likes on social media. Bare minimal expectation is to have a sharp and shake free photo after that Few points to remember are keep horizon Keep horizon straight, background & edges of the frames, rule of third and your Frame should clearly show who is the hero. One of the first and foremost rule while composing a frame is to keep the straight horizon, anything less than 45 degrees is considered as compositional flaw. A straight horizon can be achieved by switching on the grid line of your camera and then compose your frames. Now frame is finalized next is finalization of interesting background.

After straightening the horizon watch for background & edges of the frames – Make sure to scan the background and edges of the frames judiciously so that it compliments with your subject elements. Don’t keep strong background right in the background of the subject, many a time its has been seen that tree or flowers are coming out from main subject head, this is a big no no in a frame. After placement of subject quickly scan frame edges to ensure that no unwanted elements are there in the edges. Now photo base is ready and its time for subject placement, one of the popular rule for subject placement is rule of third.

Reason we use rule of thirds is, if our subject is in the middle of the frame, it's considered static. Our eye is drawn to subject then it has nowhere to go from there because the object is equal distance from all sides. Therefore, when main subject is positioned closer to one of the edges, it forces our eye to follow it to find it. This allows the reader/viewer to linger on our image longer. With appropriate subject placement, straight horizon and complimenting background our frame looks more promising.

One final tip is your Frame should clearly show who is the hero. While composing frames try to capture only one element as your main object of highlight. In case of more than one element as your highlight elements they should be placed appropriately to convey clear relation among each elements as part of overall story.

Follow this very simple yet effective rules and your photography will be moved to next level. Love to hear your way of capturing frames.

Happy clicking…

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