My Travel Stories

This website is about my travel journey. Off late I have realized, that the world is a book and those who do not travel read only a page, as a famous quote by Saint Augustine goes.

The format I will be following in my diaries will be place name followed by the word “diary”. In over a decade of travel journeys, I have realized that the USA is very vast, Europe is beautiful and Asia pacific is full of warmth. Each of these diaries will share my experience of visiting these places. I will also keep sharing my do’s and don’ts before travelling to a new place and photo techniques I used as well.

While travelling to South East Asian countries (Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong) I saw how a culture can flourish in spite of limited land resources. Travelling to China had given be perspective of human imagination when I visited The Great Wall of China. European countries like Germany, Switzerland has given be perspective of its natural beauty and technology. The trip to Finland made me feel how human beings survive in extreme climatic condition of -15 degree centigrade. Australia was extremely beautiful because of its vast coast lines. Lastly USA has given me the feeling that in spite of limited manpower, technology can go side by side of human life and help for its betterment.

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