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How to set tone for your photo-walk/tour – its said that more you sweat in ground less you bleed in war, this holds true in photography as well. Going to destination is most easiest thing. And you don’t want to waste even single minute at ground. I have written it keeping in mind that you maximize location benefits from my photo tours. I star planning one day in advance, check the location on google, also pre-visualize what kind of photography opportunity exists , I also pack my bag according, few important thing , try to keep your favourite lenses, photography is 75 % planning and 25 % execution, think before hand what kind of shot you will expect at the location, make a list of technique you want to try, pack your bags appropriately like if you expect rain have proper protection gear, tripod , flash in case of night photography.  Search internet to have basic understanding of what kind , one important aspect is lenses choice , wide angles if you are planning for landscapes,  or telephoto for wildlife.

• One other approach one could think of while Pre-visualization are: The classic view, the different view and detail view. Once you reach at location think of typical classic view, this may be a common frame which other may have captured typical I have been there type shot very common type of documenting a place frame very less in creative hierarchy. The next you could think of is detailed view this is slightly tougher than the classic view it need careful observation of the place and then you have to judiciously think of what exactly you want to highlight, normally people highlight only one aspect of the place diff lastly is different view .

• After scouting to places you have figure out different photo opportunities and then you had planned for more dynamic frame than simple boring static frames using few of compositional and lighting elements.

Before landing

• You reached to a location which in my terms is a good background now What, the very next steps are to quickly take some rest shots to manipulate your WB, shutter and aperture values here n there. Game your composition keeping composition theory in mind. Now you are all set from location, composition and camera setting perspectives. One last element left is the subject of the frame wait for that last element , the subject will give meaning to your frame and will a tell a story more personalized to your vision, because all the folks in a group is seeing same background but only the subject which make a unique frame and your master piece is ready. Call to action - Do you use any of these steps before photo tour or walk,  Feel free to share your steps in the comments!
• Research: you should try to see the images of that place. So, you will get two major ideas. 1. What kind of background & subject you will going to see there & later you can try combination of your subject & background to get the perfect shot. 2. You will see some of the popular shot of that place that you can avoid to show your unique perspective or you can twist them with your subject to get a new perspective. In other hand you can see some of the images that are weak, so you can try to improve that shot as well.

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