Workshop Testimonials

  1. Subha : Thanks Rahul.quite an informative session...learnt new techniques /settings and how to plan before clicking the perfect shot

  2. Bhawik :Travel Photography session was awesome and like the way, u thought us and basic doubts were cleared in this session. Again if I get a chance to learn something new from you I will be there.

  3. Srini : The class was very informative and discovered so many options which can give beautiful effects to the pics captured. Thanks a lot Rahul for sharing the tips with us and important points to be considered while taking photos

  4. Rakesh : It was lovely attending the session!! Thank you for clarifying basics and showing practical examples.

  5. Sangeetha : I always wanted to learn it and was looking out for such classes. Have tried to read through in web, but got so confused and bored that I stopped after 5 mins. But your classes were simple, with examples from day to day life that I found it very easy to understand. I understand that this is just a starting and have to experiment a lot to click at least good to do snaps🙂. But thanks for motivating to learn it.

  6. Ishat : Very informative class. Rahul is very knowledgeable and approachable for all the questions no matter how much silly they might be. Enjoyed the workshop very much with good enough hands on and right balance of theory.”

  7. Megha : The session was very nice 👍and perfect for beginners. I enjoyed it thoroughly. It was not only technical but the best part was you have touched the creative side of photography and it’s aspects. It opened our vision of looking at things. Thank you 🙏very much

  8. Praveen : Good learning experience for beginners...I loved that little details were given emphasis in this workshop...looking forward to more workshops. enjoyed it

  9. Gopi : the workshop was good. Probably it was too tight schedule to finish in 4 hours. I learned quite a bit (manual mode, and post-processing). What would have even better was if you had given simple exercises for the participants to practice each of the mode/options etc. would have helped internalize the concepts well. First day i kind of felt that I didn’t learn much but, the second-day practice exercise was very helpful.

  10. Teressa : The session was easy to comprehend and was very interactive as well. And the fact that you are offering WhatsApp support will also be helpful. Thank you once again 😀

  11. Archit : Hi Rahul, thank you for the workshop. It was definitely an insightful learning experience, particularly with regard to the technical nuances of photo making and the camera. The tips and tricks of photo editing in Lightroom was also helpful.

    I do wish there were commercial aspects also that could have been touched upon in more detail, but nonetheless hope to discuss these at length in future correspondence. Thank you once again for your time and sharing your experiences.

  12. Sri vidya: I did this workshop to learn the basics of Photography. We had a session with Rahul Ranjan who is travel photographer, he taught us a lot of technicalities with Camera as well the technicalities behind the Camera. With the theory class we had few practical sessions like we had to click some pictures.

  13. Anirudh : The faculty were very knowledgeable and communicated in an easy to understand and simple manner . Arrangements were of high standards and punctuality was maintained . Overall , a highly satisfying experience for me.

  14. Aishwairya :The workshop gave me an insight about various things, from how to work with a camera to how to put out our work out there. Rahul sir really made the session very interesting and engaging.

  15. Sandesh :Mentor Rahul was a well experienced and strategic photographer. Conducted the session with more of experimentation than theory. And the demo of the photo editing was good and suggested alternate tools as well. Corrected all our trial photos for more crisper images. The Second session on marketing aspect was an eye-opener for us, as we had no idea of where and which platform to sell our work.

  16. Pooja: Travel Photography workshop was fantastically organized . I loved the way Rahul sir guided me throughout the workshop and I would definitely recommend people if any ones are interested in future photography to join workshop.

  17. Srihari : First we have feel the nature and the beauty of our world and when I take a photo from mobile phone or DSLR camera first I will see the situation of the climate be it morningor evening then my timing of photography is morning and evening of that only I will take a good pic and I will see the location to take a pic. When a coach or teacher is ready to teach the students the topic what every hell's the have hear properly what the coach is teaching. you are a fabulous coach of Photography.

  18. Adith : it's been in the last week that I attended the One-day photography workshop' in Koramangala. The session was so very informative and interactive as well. Rahul was so friendly and guiding us through different work tasks and instructions! It was nice travelling with the participants with Photography as a Ticket. Knowing about the business aspects of photography was really an eye opening session.
    The key to be an successful photographer lies in unbinding the secrets heard and learned during one's life journey. This was I leant ultimately!☺️, Leant few basics in Post-processing!

  19. Joyti Prakash : I was glad that I have attend this workshop. Learned new things especially metering, composition, exposure triangle, about taking next steps like making business and social media following... Thanks to Rahul.