Rahulography.com is a website to share my photography and travel journeys. A wanderer by nature, I have so far travelled to 8 Countries in 3 Continents covering more than 100,000 international miles. I am passionate about capturing the world around me. I love to click landscapes, nature, travel & street life.

Visit the gallery section to enjoy “my journey through my lens”, Each frame reflects my way of capturing cityscapes, daily street life, people, landscapes, everyday life, local festivity and heritage. You can refer to the FAQ section to go through the science and artistic concepts behind my work. Anytime I take my camera out of my bag I try to create images which gives a unique experience of the place, food or environment. I spend a sizeable about of time to capture the essence of the place so that I can reflect my unique perspective of the place for conveying the story, which is in a way is the best way to capture the essence of the place.

I am travelling for over a decade now and rahulography.com is an initiative to share my travel stories and to and share photography tips both on camera and off camera (Pre-visualization, camera settings, site scouting and post processing). It took me over a decade to reach here and I don’t want you to take this much time to be a master. So don’t hesitate to ask as I'm always willing to share what I know, It will surely reduce the time it takes to become an expert and increase your photography learning curve. In my journey I found many people who helped me (both Online and Offline) in my photography journey. This initiative is to return the favor to all those aspiring photographers who struggle to capture a frame documenting their travel journey or a special event in their life.

Photography to me is like meditation, I learnt so many life lessons while travelling and practicing photography. To name a few, I learnt how to plan so that one can reap the maximum benefit, what it means to pay attention to detail and above all, patience while waiting for a subject.

Do you see something that would look good on your wall in your home or at the office? What about a gift for a friend or loved one? Shoot me an e-mail with your need. Prints of most of my work are available for sale.